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All War is Deception

20 September - 1 October 2013



I produced this play for the Melbourne Fringe Festival. I successfully developed and implemented a marketing plan and publicity campaign that included social media updates, an extended media release, a printed postcard, posters, radio interviews with cast members, a radio advertorial for RRR, ticket giveaways, online and printed event listings on relevant websites, magazines and e-journals. I was also responsible for sourcing and maintaining costumes and props, bumping in and out for each of the ten performances, managing ticket sales and taking care of the cast.


All War is Deception explores the trans-generational impact of war. The title of the production is taken from Sun Tzu’s seminal treatise of military tactics The Art of War, which was written over 2000 years ago. The ancient source of the title is apt as the cyclical and repetitive nature of human history is one of the play’s main themes. The theme of deception also carries through much of the dialogue, which explores how and why we choose to deceive each other and ourselves.


The story revolves around a dancing doll who encounters a regiment of toy soldiers. Their conversations traverse philosophy, love and culture to the backdrop of the Second World War. These scenes are interspersed with monologues by their owner, a present-day boy who is destined to join the military.


All War is Deception was Daniel Bowden's writing and directing debut. The show is set to an original score, composed by Bowden, and includes dancing sequences choreographed by Benedict Kazlauskas who has taught at the Australian Ballet School. The show stars Benedict Kazlauskas, Hazel Ocskó and Kaska Zielinski.

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