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Devika Bilimoria, Alan Constable, Michelle Hamer, Amanda Marburg, Jackson Slattery, Sean Whittaker

c3 Contemporary Art Space, Abbotsford Convent Foundation, 1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford   VIC   3067

1-27 February 2017

Media Hype brings together the work of six artists who critically engage with materiality by using one medium to explore another. The exhibition spans painting, drawing, textiles, photography, ceramics, film and installation. The works are hybrid by design, compounding different media in a way that disrupts the conventional relationship between medium, form and content.


Photography is a binding theme within the exhibition and is integral to all of the artists’ practice, as a point of departure or reference, a source of inspiration, a mode of investigation, and as a practical tool. The exhibition is testament to the ongoing impact of the photographic medium, and an exploration of its limitations and possibilities.

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The Secret Life of John Culver

Recent Works by Stano Murin

red gallery

4 - 21 September 2013


This exhibition documented the life of a mysterious and adventurous old man. John Culver is the life-long companion of the Stano Murin’s sub-conscious, and his identity has been forged through a mixture of memory, make-believe, heartache and aspiration. For those who have known him he is the ultimate avatar into a world of hope and freedom. Culver inhabits a realm between fiction and reality, and these photos provided a window into his world of endless possibility…..


Stano Murin grew up in Czechoslovakia during the Cold War. As a child, living under communism meant that the West held a certain fascination and the character of John Culver was created by Murin and his cousin, who would dress up and pretend to be Culver; their uncle from London.


After the wall fell, Murin left Czechoslovakia aged 18 and travelled widely, living in Canada, the USA, Cuba, Aruba, France and the Netherlands. Murin’s photographs have been published and exhibited internationally over the past 20 years, and he has just returned from New York where his most recent solo exhibition was held.

Drawing as Becoming

Recent works by Kristina Hanson

Gasworks Arts Park

11 - 23 December 2012



I think of my works as collaborations with forces that are outside of my control. At the time I was making these works I was concerned with the contrast between stillness and movement and to find something that remained the same in a thing even as it changes constantly; to try to discover it’s essence.”  -  KH


This exhibition showcased a series of drawings that were inspired by the migration of birds and the movement of the sea.


Kristina Hanson is an emerging artist based in Edinburgh.


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