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As the Curator at Linden New Art, I strategically plan and deliver the annual program of exhibitions across seven gallery spaces. Linden New Art presents ambitious solo exhibitions of new work by leading contemporary Australian artists, which are often made in response to the unique gallery spaces within the heritage building. I write catalogue essays, wall labels and promotional text for each exhibition. I give regular gallery tours and curator talks, as well as hosting artist talks. I manage the logistics and scheduling of all installations and manage a team of install staff.

I also manage the Linden Projects Space. This is a space for hire that prioritises the work of local artists. The space is used as a platform to train Masters students from the University of Melbourne's Curatorship and Arts Administration courses. I provide mentorship for the students and lead training sessions about the practicalities of running an exhibition space, including installation techniques, conservation issues and artwork handling.

Since undertaking this role in 2017 I have curated the following exhibitions:


Kate Beynon > The Shapeshifter's Hour

Louisa Bufardeci > Figuring

Honor Freeman > Ebb

Cyrus Tang > Time Fell Asleep in the Evening Rain

Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman > Yal

Ilan El > Colours of Light


Linden Projects Space

Ellis Moseley > The Work is not the Work

Jarrad Martyn > Relics


Troy Emery > Sonder

Nicholas Folland > Burn Down the House

Ash Keating > Duality

Natasha Bieniek > Halcyon

Vipoo Srivilasa > Wellness Deity

Ruth Höflich > To Feed Your Oracle

Anna Hoyle > Your choc-mint pelvik floor is so boring

Linden Postcard Show 2021-22

Linden Projects Space

Anna Révész > Architecture of Memory

Güler Altunbas > Chrysalis: Recognition and Restitution


Karla Dickens > My Mother's Keeper

Robert Fielding > Routes / Roots

Jacqui Stockdale > The Long Shot

Linden Postcard Show 2020-21

Linden Projects Space

Jonathan Kim > Encounter

Theatre Works > Reflect and Rejoice


Simon Finn > Breath-hold dwelling

Alicia King > Our Long Conversation with the Sun

Brodie Ellis > Heavy Launch

Cat Hope > Sub-Decorative Sequences

Lucreccia Quintanilla > A Ripple and an Echo

Mona Ruijs > Sympathetic Resonance

Erin Coates and Anna Nazzari > Dark Water

Baluk Arts, Lisa Waup and Dominic White > Elements

Linden Art Prize 2019

Linden Postcard Show 2019-20

Linden Projects Space

Alternating Current Art Space > Coalescence

Tully Moore > Foreign Objects

Julie Shiels > Hidden Life, A Domestic Study

William Holt > Crashing by Design


Julia deVille > Wholeness and the Implicit Order

Natalie Ryan > Imaging the Dead

Nicole Newman > Genaivisheh Shtiklech

Linda Puna and Puna Yanima > Wangka Kutjara, Tjukurpa Kutju

Linden Postcard Show 2018-19


Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Papulankutja Artists, Warakurna Artists > Border Lines

Linden Postcard Show 2017-18

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